Freitag, 20. Oktober 2017

Drum Liner Product Innovation

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Due to the demand from a number of our customers we are now able to offer a new and exciting 210 litre Drum Liner with a 2” bottom outlet. NITTEL Form Inliners™ are easily installed into an adapted 210 litre drum. The 2” bottom outlet on the Form Inliner™ fits through the opening at the base of the drum and once installed, a 2” outlet valve may easily be installed. Each Form Inliner™ fits the drum like a second skin without any folds or pockets. Form Inliners™ have a contoured lip that fold over the rim of the drum preventing leakage between the liner and the container wall.

• Ideal for small batch storage, containment, mixing, decanting etc.
• No need to wash out the drum, saving on costly cleaning chemicals and disposal of chemicals.
• 2” butterfly valve outlet or other fittings available.
• When using a liner there is no cross contamination when changing from product to product.
• We are able to supply the drums and fittings if required.

The new Form Inliner with 2” Bottom Outlet is a welcome addition to our range of drum liners. Our drum liners can be broken down into two core products, our Form Inliner and our Round Bottom Liner. Our drum liners can be adapted to suit each customer’s requirements if our standard drum liners aren’t suitable. For example, as well as LDPE Drum Liners, PP Drums Liners and HDPE Drums which are all standard, we also have a fast range of materials available which mean we currently also supply our customers with Anti Static Drum Liners, Food Grade Drum Liners, Conductive Drum Liners and Barrier Foil Drum Liners, for example. For further information about the materials available please contact our sales team. You can also find further information about the products and materials mention by visiting the links below.
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